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   We have a fantastic selection and all of our products can be customized to provide the ultimate water solution - the first time! 
   You'll enjoy fast service, competitive prices and we’re easy to deal with. We are proud to offer top of the line products.

   These trusted lines have been used by industry professionals for years. Information on each of our solutions below.

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The Logical Choice!

   The Logi-Max system is perfect for rural water treatment where Chlorine may not be not a concern but Iron and Maganese are.
   High Capacity Premium Blended Ion-exchange Resin. Osmonics Logix 268 valve, Gold Seal certified, Meets or exceeds the NSF/ANSI 44,61,372 Regulations and CA reuirements. 
   Smart Electronics: Automatically adjusting to changing water usage. No guesswork or reprogramming.

Quality you can FEEL!
A difference you can TASTE! 

   Less fuel, less energy consumption, more savings by reducing hard water, mineral build-up and a variety of other substances.
  *Increased Water Heater Efficiency 22% to 29% with less mineral scaling. 
  *Increase the life-span on dishwashers, washing machines and other indoor/outdoor appliances.
   Logi-Max Pro, your family's front line of protection against hardness elements, iron, rust, sediment, and a variety of other substances in­cluding chlorine and various bad tastes and odours.

Value Conscious Pricing!

Cleaner, Stain Free, Fresh Smelling Laundry!
*Monitors every drop of water for exact cleaning efficiency
*Fully programmable cycles 
*Power cell, hydro-interruption (no batteries, maintains time of day)
*12 volt AC for safe operation
*Regenerates (self cleaning) on demand (based on your water usage)
*Soft water Brine Re-fill, for cleaner, better more Efficient Brining
*Salt-free compatible, with potassium
*Superior high flow control valve to satisfy all household soft water demands
*Whisper Quite regeneration (notably quieter than conventional softeners) 
*Programmable Low Salt Warning

Multi-Level Programming
One of the best valves available.

   The perfectly packaged system, custom designed from us to you! Simple step-by-step custom programming or selectable, pre-programmed settings.
*Fully programmable cycles 
*Power, cell, hydro-interuption
*Regenerates (self cleaning) on demand (based on your water usage)
*Soft water Brine refill for better, cleaner and more efficient Brining
*Salt-free compatible, with potassium
*Superior high flow control valve
*Whisper quiet regeneration (notably quieter than conventional *softeners)
*Programmable low salt warning